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Do you look at your business card as being the first impression that you make to others?  If not, you should!
Often times your business card is going to be your first impression that someone gets of you and your business.  
Think about it, you meet someone for the first time and you potentially want to do business with them,
that card had better convey quality and that you are a professional in your line of work!

We have all too often been given business cards that just look cheap.  You know the ones I’m talking talking
about, scissor cut edges; printed on their kids’ school project board; and if that wasn’t bad enough, using
an inkjet printer with a smudging problem!  Every time I see a card like this I want to tell the person who
gave it to me that they should invest the
R280.00 it will take to print a hundred cards on decent board,
just so that they can look a bit proficient!
Here are 5 tips you can use when you look at getting business cards:

1) Don't write a novel on your business card

Keep your card short and simple. Leave the detailed business plan for your brochure and website.
We once received a brief from a company who wanted to publish this info on the back of their card:















Our suggestion? Simplify with one strong visual and a suitable tagline:













2) Explain what you do

As a start up, make sure your card gives an instant and clear impression of your services. Be sure to include a
descriptive slogan, short list of services or explanatory visual (especially if your company name is nondescript),
and publish your website address so they can find out more.

3) Use the back

Maximise the "real estate" on your card by using both sides. Don’t let the looming threat of a one-sided
CD wallet (gasp!) hold you back.

Here are a few ideas:

•  Include a graphic and slogan that communicates what you do, or
•  If you provide a location-based service (eg. hair salon or dentist), includea map to your venue
•  Let the back of your card double up as an appointment card (if you are a therapist or psychologist)
•  Devise a loyalty program that will entice people to hold onto your card (relevant for Vets for example)
•  If you are a yoga or dance studio, be sure to include a schedule of your classes for quick reference
•  Publish a few interesting facts and statistics (if you are a research analyst)
•  Chef or cooking instructor? Print a trademark recipe... the possibilities are simpley endless!  

4) Make sure it stands out

There are many creative ways to make your business card stand out, but if you have a great logo design
you’re half way there!

5) Lasty (but defiantely not least !) have your card with you at all times

Now that you’ve got your snazzy card, make sure to have some handy wherever you go – keep a stash in
your wallet, your business folder, your hand bag and your desk drawer. Even put a small stack in your glove
compartment and gym bag for those chance encounters!