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5) Create and Share Pattern Fills
6) Experiment with Fonts
3) More Learning Tools
4) Outlines, Transparencies, and Fills
1) Welcome to X7
2) A Look at the Application Interface

Hi there, here are some the the CorelDRAW learning videos I’ve shared from Youtube.
Please note if you have never worked with the CorelDRAW Software before you will have difficulty understanding the terms and where all the tools, dockers and icons are found and how to use them properly. Please also note the videos are done using the CorelDRAW X7 Professional software, so if your are using any other version or using the Home and Student X7 software, there are many things that have changed, been omitted and / or not available to you on your software.


I offer a CorelDRAW Course @ R 1,500 per person.

Please contact me for more information and how you can book yourself in one of my classes this year.